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The InboundTransportLocation is disallowed

If you get suspended instances of a receive location with this error:
The InboundTransportLocation is disallowed. This could be because the receive location is disabled or its service window is currently inactive.
Could be one of the following 
1. You’re resuming suspended messages outside of the service window or the receive location is disabled (as the error suggests Smile )
2. Malformed XML Message and you have the AllowUnrecognisedMessage property set to False on the XmlReceive pipeline.
3. You received messages using one host, they failed perhaps because the host was 64bit, you change hosts and try to resume them. If you look at the service instances they’re still hanging on to the old host. Not much you can do in this case as far as I can tell you’ll have to resubmit them to BizTalk.

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