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Custom HL7 Schema Error - Unsupported version id

HL7 2.7 is not yet supported in BizTalk so I tried creating the OML schema for 2.7 manually. I just copied from 2.5 and changed all the namespaces and root elements. First time I ran a test message, which was a 2.5 instance with the version changed I got this error:

Validation error in header during parsing 
Error # 1
Segment Id: MSH
Sequence Number: 1
Field Number: 12
Error Number: 203
Error Description: Unsupported version id
Encoding System: HL7nnnn

This seemed like it was going to be pretty easy. In the MSH header field 12 is the version which references table104. So I added the versions into the enumeration for table104.


But after I deployed this change I kept getting the same error. It drove me crazy, undeployed, redeployed, re-gac’ed, restarted hosts, refilled my coffee, re-everything, still nothing. Finally I looked at the MSH schema and realized it didn’t even reference the table, datatype or segment schemas and all the enumerations have been embedded in it. Ummmm yeah thanks for that Disappointed smile


Maybe I should have been a ballerina instead. 

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