BizTalk Send Port Filters and Binding Files

Helping a client that uses the BizTalk Deployment Framework and noticed a rather annoying issue with the Filters not being imported from the Bindings. Found this post that says it’s due to auto formatting in Visual Studio.

Did some testing and found that if you remove the XML declaration from the encoded filter it doesn’t matter how it’s formatted. When using the Deployment Framework just don’t copy that line into your master bindings file and you’ll be good to go.



You can also get the Deployment Framework to do the decoding/encoding for you. Location this file where ever you installed the BTDF.

C:\Program Files\Deployment Framework for BizTalk\5.0\Framework\DeployTools\adapterXPaths.txt

Add a line for SendPort/Filter and you should be able to put properly encoded XML in the Master Bindings file and the framework will take care of it for you.