MVC4 View Performance Issue

Users of  MyBrewCo have been complaining of it being a little slow and it's been something I needed to address. Not only do I not always see the issue it doesn't make a lot of sense as everything is heavily cached.


Had time over the weekend so I decided to dig a little deeper. Using MVC MiniProfiler I was able to find a page that seemed the most affected.  

The screenshot shows what MiniProfiler captured. Apart from a few multiple calls that I need to investigate the glaringly obvious issue is the 12 seconds that got sucked up rendering the View.    

12 seconds, holy crap! After some research I remembered reading about Sam Saffron's issue with the Compilation debug flag in the web.config. Whilst it's set to true on my dev machine it seems the Azure packaging process is taking it out as I logged on to the production VM and it wasn't there which is good but would have been a nice easy fix.

I found a StackOverflow post with a similar issue and it turns out that version 1.0 of System.Web.Optimization is a little sketchy and it's messing up the View optimizations, I updated the package to 1.1 (which requires updating WebGrease to 1.3). Deployed and straight away I noticed the entire site responded a LOT quicker. That page above now returns within 200ms and pretty big change from 6-12 seconds. Crazy stuff.