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Have been integrating AirBrake into my MyBrewCo project and have to say I think it’s pretty cool. If you’re not familiar with AirBrake it provides a mechanism for collecting and aggregating errors and notifications from other applications. In .NET there’s an API called SharpBrake which:

SharpBrake is a .NET client for Airbrake. The SharpBrake library can be used in two forms. First, you can either programmatically report exceptions, if you have a try/catch block and want to ensure a particular exception is reported. And the second is through the use of an HttpModule, which will catch any unhandled exceptions on your site and report them.

Setup is easy and explained on the github page for SharpBrake but basically with some config settings, referenced dll’s you’re able to do this.

using SharpBrake;

// some code
catch (Exception exception)
// Oh noes!


It’s pretty handy especially as MyBrewCo is running on Azure, I can push all exceptions out to AirBrake, track deployments, track error resolution and all kinds of cool stuff.