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Excellent MVC3 Resources 


Been looking into MVC3 lately and found some great resources.

Getting Started  

If you don't already get a subscription to PluralSight it's a no-brainer. Scott Allen has some great vidoes on the basics and beyond.

While you are there Julie Lerman videos on the EntityFramework and worth checking out.


Supporting OpenID authentication is actually pretty straight forward as shown here by Haitham Khedre. His blog is a handy-dandy source of all things aspnet'ish, recommended reading. His article on OpenID shows how to get it working with the standard aspnet sql provider.

Chart Helper

The chart helper in MVC3 does seem to be a work-in-progress and there are plenty of client side options (check out Flot) that prove to be a little slicker (if slick is what you're looking for).

However whipping up a chart using the ChartHelper is fairly straight forward as demonstrated here. There are a couple of gotcha's regarding databinding and working with the EntityFramework but I'll post those later. Customizing the theme is the main pain point as you have to craft this ugly XML string.