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Microsoft VTS-P Conference

Last week I was in Redmond, WA for the Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialists – Program (Partners?), was an excellent conference and was great to meet the folks whose blogs I’ve be reading for a while.

One of the highlights was Mick and Scott from Breeze in Australia presenting on their real world experience implementing hybrid (cloud & on premise) integration solutions. Of particular interest were the lists of limitations with the Azure service bus. Mick has posted a public version of his slide deck here.


Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist for BizTalk

The Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist program is a group within the Microsoft’s partner community that aims to supplement Microsoft’s internal Technology Specialist (TS) team. Members from partners all over the world are selected due to experience in adopting Microsoft Integration technologies. The virtual team assists Microsoft’s Technical Specialists in supporting clients and assisting with the presales process. Members have direct access to Microsoft’s internal resources which not only enable us to bring our experience to the TS community around the world but also extend the service we offer to our customers.

We are excited to now be apart of V-TS program which highlights our extensive experience in the connected systems space specifically with Microsoft’s BizTalk Server. We’re looking forward to working closely with Microsoft in helping support their customers and provide technical assistance in driving the adoption of BizTalk Server. Our close relationship with the worlds leading FIX engine vendor, Rapid Addition and our extensive experience with the finance industry put us in a unique position.

The program helps extend the support we offer to our clients as it opens communication channels to the Microsoft product teams and experts like ourselves from around the world.