We’ve been working my MyBrewCo for a few months now and getting close to moving to a public beta. That will be great milestone as it obviously gets us closer to go-live. In preparation we’re starting to market the service. Facebook twitter and this blog are the start to help let people know we’re out there or at least will be soon.

What is it?

MyBrewCo.com is a cloud or Software as a Service (Saas) platform that aims to help home brewers manage the brewing process, store and share recipes, socialize with other brewers, form online clubs and eventually manage inventory. The concept is that a brewer can create a Brewery, define their equipment profiles and brewing techniques. Recipes can be shared and you’ll be able to run reports or view charts to gain insight into different ingredients or equipment profiles.

Some of the key features:

  • Online recipe store
  • Share, rate and review recipes
  • Define equipment profiles and mashing schedules
  • Scale recipes to your efficiency and equipment
  • Real time stats, see what yeasts people use, see the average OG (Original Gravity) people are hitting for a particular recipe or compare efficiency against folks using the same equipment.
  • Create reusable brew job templates


Keeping up with the latest technologies can be a job in itself. MyBrewCo gives us an opportunity to work with the new technologies and try to solve real world problems.

So far we've built MyBrewCo using the following technologies

If you're interested we'll be blogging about our experience with these technologies on the MyBrewCo Blog

If you're a home brewer and want to be a beta tester send us an email.